Work is not everything in life. But we are pleased that we can support important non-commercial projects thanks to the success of our work.

Our social involvement is an expression of our convictions. For us, a person’s performance and attitude are more important than their origin. We want to encourage individual achievement outside our company as well and give young, dedicated people opportunities. We therefore support the following institutions and projects:

Sportfreunde 05 Saarbrücken e. V.

The club is a popular football club with about 500 members. We support the club’s projects for the integration of fellow residents from abroad, the extensive youth work in the district, and homework assistance for the involved sports youths.

LAZ, Leichtathletik Zentrum Saarbrücken e. V.

This is a competitive sports club that trains young people in athletics and is successful at both a national and an international level.

MIT Euroregion e. V.

MIT Euroregion e. V. is a non-profit and supra-regional association of engaged companies and personalities from Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, Luxembourg, Belgium and Northern France for the promotion of economic relations in the Euroregion and for the joint development of economic activities with foreign countries within and outside the European Union.

Sportstiftung Saar

Sofis AG is one of the 13 founding donors of the Sportstiftung Saar foundation. The aspiration to achieve the best with hard work, without losing sight of the responsibility for the whole, for the community, is our motivation to actively support this institution. Sportstiftung Saar helps to successfully master the growing challenges in top-class sporting competitions. We have a seat and vote on the Supervisory Board and the Board of Trustees.

Cooperation With Universities

Interns and students are integrated into our company in such a way that they are not busy making coffee, but learning about their own strengths! Our training is never “off the shelf”, it is always as individual as our customer projects. We want people who enjoy what they do, who are prepared to pursue interdisciplinary training and to work together with others in a spirit of respect and trust.